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Presenter Andy Day sent women wild when he appeared on the children's channel wearing a pair of tight trousers.

Many years ago, after first having a girl, I gave birth to a son. ” Then they peel away, windows down so all farts and other strange odors can be exorcized outside. I have noticed over the years that most of my friends are mothers of boys. One winter day when my boys were small I was on the computer booking a ski vacation for the family, when I suddenly thought to myself, “It’s too quiet.” I walked to my sons’ room and heard hushed giggling.

The female body is incredible — it allows you to grow and birth humans, feed those humans, and then spend a lifetime (or at least the toddler years) running after them.

Never thinking twice about doing a million things at once, moms are always ready to put their babies first, even when that means two of their children want to eat at the same time — and they both still nurse.

I poked my head out and there on the ice encased roof, laughing and running around like two complete idiots, inches from slipping off and cracking their skulls open on the ground below, are my kids. Later that night over a large glass of wine, my hands still shaking, I told my sister what happened. On Fridays we skid sideways up to the bar, sunglasses on to hide our baggy eyes, needing to share a story of our boy’s latest idiocy with those who understand, those who won’t judge or gasp in horror or offer useless advice but who instead just give a hug, nod their head and raise their glass.

We know that our kids are capable of anything and that there is no limit to their foolishness. This is why I love my boy mom friends because there is no need to be perfect when you are the mom of boys.

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